Abbot’s Hill School, Hemel Hempstead




Abbot’s Hill School


NVB Architects

The project comprised four new classrooms with a STEM/Art room and some remodelling of an existing building to provide an accessible lift and toilet facilities. The new building was inserted between, and joined, two existing buildings to create a new Science facility.

The building was designed to use the fabric and form to moderate the internal environment and to reduce the reliance on mechanical and electrical systems. High levels of insulation were provided, exceeding minimum U-value requirements of Part L2A, together with a low air leakage target of 2.5m3/hr/m2. Daylighting was maximised via perimeter windows and we worked with the Architect to optimise the use of roof lights to provide good daylighting within the teaching spaces. Overhanging eaves were used to reduce the impact of low sun on the north-south elevations.

The building is naturally ventilated using openable windows and roof lights to provide cross-ventilation, controlled by the Windowmaster system to control the system during teaching hours with a manual override provided for the teacher.  Heating is via a new gas boiler and a water based under-floor heating system.

Artificial lighting by linear direct/indirect LED luminaires provides high ambient light levels on the ceiling and the high parts of the walls. The system is designed to provide 500lux on the desks if required with the controls set to the recommended 300lux  in normal use. Automatic controls provide daylight linked dimming with an override control switch at the teaching desk to allow the teacher to control the system manually to select the preferred light level to suit the activity.

E3 Consulting Engineers LLP is registered in England and Wales. Registration Number: OC 350589

E3 Consulting Engineers LLP is registered in England and Wales. Registration Number: OC 350589