Our aspiration is to help create buildings and spaces which area pleasure to be in, are comfortable and flexible. At the same time we strive to reduce energy consumption and reduce the building’s impact on the environment. We achieve these goals through developing a close and open working relationship with our clients and design team colleagues, and then applying a rigorous engineering basis to design process. We believe in the integration of the building form and fabric with building systems, to ensure that the client benefits from solutions that are robust, appropriate, understandable and of best value.

To achieve the best environmental performance from a building, the most important decisions are usually made early in the design process. The shape, size, orientation, extent of glazing and the properties of the building fabric play a vital part in the environmental performance of all buildings. Our approach is to work closely with the design team to explore these aspects at a very early stage. We make extensive use of 3D environmental simulation software throughout the design process to help optimise the building’s performance through passive means.

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